Beaufort West Marimba

Starting as a project for unemployed by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports, the Beaufort West Marimba ensemble was formed in August 2007. They quickly got acquainted with the instruments and with diligence new songs were self-produced on a regular basis.
By playing for their community in Kwa-Mandlenkosi (Beaufort West) and entertaining bypassing tourists at petrol stations, the sound of the Beaufort West Marimba quickly got noted in town.
Several engagements at functions and events for businesses and (non-)governmental organisations fostered their talent and determination.
While gaining popularity the ensemble never forgot their roots and are currently teaching children from their neighbourhood to play the marimba. By providing an alternative to street life their aim is to keep the children away from an unhealthy environment while enriching their lives with the marvel of marimba music.

Members: Isak Fila, Nkosana Mkutukana, Simphiwe Mkutukana, Ricardo Dyum